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Divan Beds, Ottomans & Assembly

What is a Divan Bed?

The term Divan Bed refers to the kind of bed that is basically a box base, often with drawers in it, that a mattress simply sits on top of.

The divan base is made up of a robust timber structure that is encased in fabric.

Bases are mounted on wheels that allow it to be moved around a room. Divan Bed

Often divans will come with a headboard attached, or have fixings for one to be attached.

You can find how to do this further down in this blog.

Usually, If the divan bed is bigger than a single, the base will be in 2 halves to make it easier to get up the stairs and into a bedroom.

Mattresses and divans work together to provide you the correct support for a restful night's sleep.

This sort of bed is suitable if you want a complete bed and mattress bundle with handy storage.

Here at Rooms for All we have a wide number of these bundles

Alternatively, a divan base can be purchased separately.

This can be used in combination with any mattress of your choice.

Divans are great as those with drawers or those that are ottomans utilise the space underneath a bed for easy to access storage that blends in with the bed, creating a clutter free room.

By using our Bed Builder tool, you can custom build a divan bed to your style.

This allows you to select which fabric you would like to cover the frame, the size of your bed and what storage solution you want.

What is an Ottoman Bed?

An ottoman bed is a bed with hydraulic hinge mechanisms or standard hinges.

These beds are available as divans but also come as bedsteads.

Ottoman Bed

The base either lifts up from the end or at the side and may open up the whole or half of the bed.

Allowing you to fully utilise the storage area underneath a bed, more than beds with drawers can offer.

This makes them a smart choice if you have a small bedroom or struggle for storage space.

As mentioned previously here at rooms for all you can use our Bed Builder tool to custom build a divan, with your choice of storage.

Whether you want no drawers, 2 drawers, 4 drawers, a side lift ottoman or an end lift one.

Ottoman Bed End Lift

Whether you choose a standard Divan or an ottoman, shops such as my shop, Rooms For All in Selby, will set the bed up for you ready to use.

But if that hasn’t been done by your delivery guys, don’t panic: It’s a pretty simple job.

Rooms for All Selby

Putting a Divan Together

First, carefully remove the packaging, and make sure that any bags containing feet, headboard fixings etc have been retrieved before you throw that packaging in a bin!

If the base has drawers in it, they will more than likely be held closed for transit with a short length of fabric attached with a staple.

I always leave this in place until the end so that the drawers don’t slide in and out as you build the thing up and move it about.

Now you need to put on the castors or feet. These usually slot into a female metal slot on the corner’s underneath, though some top end beds will have a screw in castor fixing.

So, with the base on its side, pop the feet into the holes one by one and firmly, but gently click them into place. Don’t hit them with a hammer! If there are any that don’t go all the way in, they usually go in if you put the base on its feet and apply pressure from above. (I usually just gently sit on that corner).

Now you need to fasten the two halves of the base together. If the fastenings are a clip or a screw in bracket underneath, then also do this with the base on its side still.

If the fixings are a bar on the side, then stand the base on its feet before fastening the bars on. If there are drawers, take off the fabric that is holding them closed for transit, making sure you remove any staples.

How to put a Headboard on a Divan?

Fixing a headboard onto a divan bed is a very simple job. The bed will have come with screw in headboard fixings, which will screw into a threaded metal hole that is already inserted into the wooden frame of the Divan base.

Divan headboard

Hold the headboard against the bed end, and screw the headboard lugs in through the holes or slots in the headboard, into the base to hold it all together. Easy.

How Can I Fix a Headboard to a Divan with No Fixing Bolt Holes?

If you can’t see any fixing holes don’t panic. The fixings are usually put into both ends of the bed, and are therefore underneath the fabric.

If no sticker has been put onto the bed end indicating where the holes are, then you will need to feel for them through the material to locate them. Once you have found them, just puncture a hole through the fabric to expose the fitting.

If you would like a different style of headboard , we offer a range of them to match different sizes and styles of beds. These can be covered in a custom selected material to best match your current divan.

How to Dress a Divan Bed?

Dressing a divan bed is like dressing any other bed.

First start by picking the right bedding. For a neat look choose a duvet that matches the size of your bed. However, if you prefer an oversized casual look go for one that’s a size or two bigger.

Now a days there are wide range of duvet covers available in numerous prints and materials to suit any taste. Choose one that best matches yours and matches your rooms décor. There are contemporary designs, traditional, floral etc. it’s down to what you like best so don’t let anyone else tell you to choose what’s in style.

Throws are a great addition to a bedding. Casually draping one over the end of a bed adds a contemporary feel that also brings an extra degree of warmth for those colder nights. You should try to match the size of your quilt to the size of your throw.

Bedspreads can add more warmth if a throw just doesn’t quite cut it. Choosing one matching the colour of the duvet ensures continuity. Oversized bedspreads that just touch the floor look great and when neatly folded just below the pillows add a luxurious look to a bed.

A mixture of cushions can look great. Combining smaller and large ones, with different designs, textures and patterns can liven up a look. Usually sticking to an odd number of cushions pays off, with 3 for a single and 5 for larger bed like kings or super kings.

Finally fold back your duvet below the pillows and your divan bed is made, ready for great night’s sleep!

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