Rooms For All: Leominster 1000

Leominster 1000 Mattress

£325.00 - £517.00

Availability: 2-4 weeks


Leominster 1000 Mattress

A beautiful breathable mattress for a cool and comfortable sleep. Its 1000 pocket springs and natural latex layer provide support and comfort. Made in Yorkshire!

  • 1000 individual support pocket springs
  • Natural latex comfort layer
  • Non-turn mattress
  • Exclusive knitted cover
  • 4 flag-stitched handles
  • Product Care Though this is a non turn mattress we would always recommend that the mattress be rotated fairly regularly. There will always be a degree of settlement of fillings within a mattress, and turning helps to even this out. The mattress can be vacuumed to keep the build up of dust down, and we would always strongly recommend a mattress protector be used. This will reduce the dust and dust mites within the mattress, will keep it clean, stop sweat from soaking into the mattress whilst you sleep, and may well aid you in the unlikely event that you need to call upon the manufacture's warranty, as is will have kept the mattress clean and in good order, as well as showing that you have taken steps to take good care of the product. Manufacturers will not take back " soiled" mattresses. We would really recommend that you have the base professionally cleaned if it is need of a really good spruce up. If you do want to spot clean it take care to dab rather than rubbing so as not to damage the fibres in the material, and always try a bit of the fabric where it is out of site as a tester first, just in case!. Vacuuming your head board from time to time to reduce dust and dust mites is always a good idea.
  • Warranty All or these products have a 1 year manufacturers guarantee. Please check the item over and let us know about any issues as soon as possible. Experience has taught me that any issues are usually there from the start, due to manufacturing or delivery. ( It is rare in this kind of product for a problem to develop in later months). We know how important after sales

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