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Pennine Bases Divan Base (4'0")


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Pennine Bases Divan Base (4'0")

Our standard bases offer an excellent solution to your storage needs. We have four storage options available to you: The Jumbo End Drawer, 2 Drawer, 4 Drawer or continental Bases. Don’t need storage? Opt for a base with no additional storage. Please make your storage choice and fabric colour clear by clicking the options to the right here.

  • Made in Yorkshire.
  • Available with a choice of no storage, Jumbo End Drawer, 2 Drawer, 4 Drawer or continental Bases.
  • Platform top base.
  • Bed Size: Queen, Small Double
Width:120.0 cm
Depth:190.0 cm
Height:40.0 cm
  • Product Care We would really recommend that you have the base professionally cleaned if it is need of a really good spruce up. If you do want to spot clean it take care to dab rather than rubbing so as not to damage the fibres in the material, and always try a bit of the fabric where it is out of site as a tester first, just in case!. Vacuuming your head board from time to time to reduce dust and dust mites is always a good idea.
  • Warranty All or these products have a 1 year manufacturers guarantee. Please check the item over and let us know about any issues as soon as possible. Experience has taught me that any issues are usually there from the start, due to manufacturing or delivery. ( It is rare in this kind of product for a problem to develop in later months). We know how important after sales care is, and are happy to help.
Rooms For All are based in Selby, North Yorkshire. Depending upon Your distance from Selby, combined with the amount of furniture to be delivered, we will decide at the time of ordering whether we will have your goods delivered firstly to our warehouse, for our own delivery team to bring to you, or whether it is more practical to let the manufacturer deliver to you directly. Goods delivered firstly to us, and then on to you may take a little longer to arrive with you, but this method allows you greater flexibility as to when we come. As much as possible we will try to work around you. Depending upon stock availability, this will typically take about 2 or 3 weeks ( as a rough guide). Goods delivered directly from the supplier may arrive sooner, but they will dictate when that delivery takes place, and you will have to arrange for them to gain access to suit them. Again, subject to availability of stock, this may well be with you sooner, maybe even within the week. We will look at the issue of how best to arrange delivery once the order is placed, and may well call or e mail you to discuss and confirm this as we are processing the order. Any issues with out of stock items will also become apparent at this stage, and you will also be informed of these as soon as we are aware. Thanks.

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